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In fact, Google Ocean, an extension of map program Google Earth, was merely displaying a data artifact from the sonar method that oceanographers use to map the seafloor. This week, Google updated ...

Joseph Kerski's Blog ... | GeoNet, The Esri Community | GIS and… Understanding the Ecological Marine Units data. In many respects, the oceans are the “last frontier” on Earth—much about them remains unknown and unmapped, but given the importance of oceans to the carbon cycle, the food chain, biodiversity… MH370: Amateur hour at the Malaysian Remote Sensing Agency… Previous PostMH370: Updated route, final radar plot (Updated) Next PostMH370: Google adds satellite search imagery to Google Earth; black box heard? How Many Species Are There on Earth and in the Ocean?

A Spanish project on the Nazca Lines in Peru. 2018's Weirdest Google Earth Apparitions Live Science has gathered all the weird Google Earth sightings of the year, mixing the false alarms with authentic surprises. Can you guess which is which? Nazca Lines Tours, Google Earth coordinates, monkey, astronaut… Nazca Lines Tours, Google Earth, monkey, astronaut, parrot, spider, Peru, the largest in area in the Andean countries, was the cradle of the most advanced indigenous civilizations and most powerful empire in pre-Columbian South America-that… New View of Ocean Floor in Google Earth - Google Earth Blog Google has released a new rendering of the ocean floors around the world. The ocean floor is colored to reflect the terrain features of the sub-sea surface. The new rendering is a bit higher resolution (much higher in places) and is…

Screenshot: Google Earth. The Pacific Ocean's East Pacific Rise is a chain of volcanoes that run parallel to South America with peaks as high as 9,000 feet. This point on Google Seafloor includes a look at one specific area of the rise, where tectonic plates are slowly separating -- transforming faults... Mysterious ‘underwater wall’ that encompasses the entire planet… Due to the fact that Google Earth uses different images while ‘mapping the planet’, it isn’t uncommon to encounter parts of the map that just didn’t quite match perfectly, resultingAll those straight lines with identical patterns that you see crisscrossing the ocean floor in Google Maps or Google Earth are fake. Новый Google Earth 5.0 с уклоном в океан Сегодня Google выпустил пятую версию своей программы Google Earth в которой одним из основных улучшений должен был стать океан. То есть мы с вами дождались так называемого Google Ocean. Давайте посмотрим что он из себя представляет. Dive into World Oceans Day with Google Earth and Maps This World Oceans Day, explore our oceans and learn from experts leading marine conservation efforts around the world with Street View and Google Earth. We hope these stories and sights will inspire you to get involved and help protect our vast and fragile oceans.

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Live Science has gathered all the weird Google Earth sightings of the year, mixing the false alarms with authentic surprises. Can you guess which is which?

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